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Athletic Directors

Supporting Education in American since 1981, CNS specializes in educational printing and design. More than a telemarketing company selling advertising, CNS remains at its core a printing company with outstanding graphic, design, and printing capabilities. Our 15,000 square foot production facility is a state of the art wholesale print shop where we are able to design and print posters, magnets, business cards, trifold brochures, programs, yearbooks, envelopes, letterhead, and much much more.

As school system needs change have changed over the years, CNS has been able to work alongside administrators to provide products and services that add value to the community and its businesses, as well as to the school programs.

With the recent challenges the global economy has caused for our school districts, CNS has found new opportunities to support schools. Printing costs are substantial for most schools and the paper and toner budgets are significant. CNS has printed tens of thousands of return address labels, even more pieces of letterhead, thank you notes, and business cards at wholesale pricing.

For decades schools have used copy machines and their own time to print out materials in large quantities without realizing how substantial the costs incurred were. Now that everything is being looked at under a microscope, this area is one that CNS has found it is able to save schools significant amounts of precious costs.

We do more than posters, if you would like to raise more funds for your programs call today or email our printing solution experts a We are standing by to help your school raise more money!

Does your journalism department need a partner for your school paper? Would you like to have a few programs for your football, volleyball, or basketball season? Tired of outsourcing the printing of your annual to somewhere overseas? Call CNS today to talk with one of our professionals on how we can team with your school to help your students.

We Create can help your School Through Unique Printing Solutions.
•Sports Packs
•Pocket Schedules
•School Paper Printing
•Annual Printing

At CNS we are proud to be more than just a telemarketing company who outsources their printing. WE ACTUALLY PRINT OUR OWN PRODUCTS

Powered by Printing, we have the flexibility to work with you printing whatever you need in support of your school or university.