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Supportive advertising –

Supportive advertising allows business owners to purchase advertising space that reaches out to potential customers and CNS rebates a portion of the advertising dollars back to the school. In today’s challenging business and educational climate, this service is proving to be very valuable for all of those involved.

CNS pioneered the concept of supportive advertising in 1981. Previously a local design and printing company with printing presses and equipment, CNS added a phone sales team and began putting advertisers and their communities together through the local high school sports calendar.

CNS has been producing quality sports posters and other products for high schools and colleges across the nation since 1981. We provide a cost free and stress free opportunity for schools to raise money.

We Create Convenience for you in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Contact Us – call us on 1-800-243-2948 or email us at

We will get back to you and with your authorization can get started.

2. We Contact Sponsors for Your Poster – The way we represent you and your school is our highest priority! We will personally meet with every sponsor to create their ad space, and since all posters are printed in-house, you can count on your sponsors being treated in a professional manner from start to finish. Ads are all printed in school colors and featured on the bordering edges, framing your schedule. Your sponsors receive the most advertising value for their dollar and will appreciate the overall look of your poster.

3. You Get Your Posters and a Check! – All we need from you are your schedules to put on your poster. No rush, we don’t have to have them until four to six weeks before your first start date. You get your posters before the season starts and you get PAID!

Your poster is more than just a schedule. It is advertising! The advertising that your teams will get will create lots of extra revenue for your athletic department in the form of community support for your school’s sporting events. Your fans will know when and where you’re having games, which not only increases gate receipts, it increases concession sales as well.

Join our line-up of satisfied schools that for 28 years have trusted CNS to publish their sports posters. We are ready to get started making money for your team! Over 6 million dollars have been raised for athletic departments by CNS. Now it’s time for you to join CNS and become part of THE WINNING TEAM!

Are you tired of cookie dough sales, car washes, and hitting up the same boosters over and over again to help sponsor your programs? If you are like most schools there is simply not enough time to raise the money you need. That’s where CNS comes in.

We do more than posters, if you would like to raise more funds for your programs call today or email our printing solution experts at We are standing by to help your school raise more money!